Go balls deep with nubag!

What's the Deal With nübag?

nü: something so innovative that it can not be ignored.   bag: a cult-like slang term for the scrotum.

Simply put, when you put those together, you get nübag, a no fail freshening spray made specifically for your balls.

Here is an example in case you aren't up on the venacular:

"Honey, you are emitting a foul odor, you know...down there..."

"I better take a shower and wash my bag"

From Santa's Sack...to Yours!

Nübag is the perfect stocking stuffer or Holiday gift for that "hard to please" person on your shopping list. Give the gift that keeps on spritzing, Nubag male freshening spray. It'll be the best gift you give this Holiday Season.

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Are you sick and tired of having a groggy, sweaty undercarriage?

Real men sweat, and when real men sweat, they reach for nübag

After an athletic activity.
After long periods of having the groin area constricted, which includes perspiration.
Prior to sexual activity & stimulation.
All other situations where your sack suffers from sweating.

Buy nübag male freshening spray to ensure you don't fail! Having clean balls can go a long way, and ensuring you stay fresh with nübag is the best way to ensure success.

Until nübag, there wasn't a single product men could turn to in moments of extreme discomfort. Having a soggy layer of duck butter under your sack can be nerve-racking and cause stress. In an independent of 100 females, "scrotum perspiration" was the number one factor in women who decided against performing oral sex to a man they had sexual relations with for the first time.

You no longer need to be a sexual failure. nübag is your "Go-To" product when you need help staying fresh.

nübag is formulated to provide a cool, refreshing scent upon application to the ball sack. The discreet package fits easily in your pocket for easy, safe storage. Nothing cam be more simple. Spray of nübag on your balls as needed, and let the natural eucalyptus-based formula do it's magic. nübag gets rid of bacteria AND odor! nübag works as anti-perspirant to stop odors before they start.

If you've ever had to "wash your bag" in order to feel more comfortable or to avoid being humiliated when making sexual advances with women, nübag is for you.

Eucalyptus Keeps This Koala's Balls Clean!

Its not as realistic for humans to ingest the amount of eucalyptus necessary to keep their genitalia as fresh and clean as a koala bear. However, there is hope! Nubag male freshening spray is formulated with a high concentration of this extremely potent plantae. By applying two well targeted sprays to the undersack you will be able to keep your balls as clean as a whistle, allowing you to feel fresh, enjoy life, and avoid failure.

nübag will soon be available at manly retail stores and outlets worldwide. For now, it's only available online.

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There is no limit to how many times you can win - and as you know, the more risque - the better. Stay fresh and keep the ideas coming!

See What People Have to Say About nübag

"I’m in high-pressure business meetings all day. Sometimes the negotiations get intense and I sweat. When I get a break, I use nubag to freshen up so I have the confidence to drive the best results for my company" - Tom, Minneapolis

"Showing properties in the hot Florida sun causes heavy perspiration. When my genitals sweat, it affects my comfort around clients. I can't let that happen, so I never show property without my nübag." - Anish, South Florida

"I travel quite frequently in my line of work. I can't afford to get off a plane and have an uncomfortable feeling "down there." That's why I always pack my nübag." - Kevin, Baltimore